Damian Falkowski 

You know what I’m really good at? Being thrown into the deep end. Finding out if I will sink or swim in a situation. Something about the pressure, the type of problem in front of me and the outcome is so entirely satisfying. I have great eagerness to understand, excellent tools for resourcing and a creative appetite to genuinely enhance communication.

Having that sort of flexibility for approach paves a way for flexibility in execution with creative. When solving a problem the main three things I consider in micro and macro levels are: Process, using a personalized strategy to organize and assess the project at hand. Content, understanding the levels of communication that are necessary to achieve. Scope, understanding and guiding the project to the most effective final product.

When I am not working for a client, I am usually found indulging in my hobbies, for example my passion for photography. I have a need for documenting my life and the lives of those around me, everything from going on camping trips, skateboarding, cabin fever nights, or just because. I do freelance occasionally on the side. When not behind the lens trying to stop time I’m out in the woods camping, at a skatepark, watering my plants or creating fine art.